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Social responsibility of Behestan Holding

Corporate social responsibility is a set of duties and responsibilities that an organization performs to maintain, care for, and assist the community in which it operates. Corporate social responsibility or CSR is one of the topics in "business ethics" that deals with the role of companies in society. In the business dictionary, CSR is defined as a company's sense of responsibility to society and the environment from both environmental and social dimensions. In different societies, ethics in management and especially in organizations has been of special importance because it affects the behavior and performance of employees. When it comes to the social responsibilities of an organization, the ethical characteristics that govern it are actually taken into account. In general, social responsibility is the commitment of that organization to actions that, in addition to securing its own interests, also improve the conditions of society, these activities are voluntary and humanitarian.

 Behestan Darou Company has been established since 2001 as a leading company in the field of drug import and is currently the first pharmaceutical company in terms of the value of products in the Iranian health market. From the very beginning, shareholders and managers contributed to social activities such as helping charities (Kahrizak and Mahak), government hospitals and patients. Now, with the establishment of the CSR committee and with the cooperation and participation of the employees of the organization, these activities are carried out in a centralized and purposeful manner.