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Overview on Tygacil Antibiotics by Pfizer Company


By ادمین بهستان 3 Oct/ 0 Comment/ 306 Hits/

The domestic webinar of an overview on Tygacil Antibiotics and its effectiveness in the treatment of infectious diseases was held on June 24th from 11 to 13, in collaboration with Pfizer company Anti-infective team and the Department of Infectious Diseases of Iran University, and in the presence of infectious diseases professors.

The program was started with a speech by Dr. Mahshid Talebi Taher (Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, University of Iran) about the introduction of the antibiotics Tygacil, and she gave complete information on indications, mechanism of action, amount and route of administration, and so on. Then, Dr. Monireh Kamali (infectious disease and transplant infectious disease specialist) analyzed the effect of Tygacil in the treatment of patients suffering from pneumonia by bringing an example. In the end, the audience's questions were answered and the content of the program was given to them.

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