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Webinar on New Treatments for Psoriasis, Janssen Company


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The program was held on May 21st from 10 am to 2 pm in the presence of the head of Skin Association (Dr. Handjani) from Shiraz, Dr. Asilian from Isfahan, Dr. Zargari from Rasht, Dr. Robati from Shohada Hospital, Dr. Mansouri from Dermatology Research Center, Dr. Firooz and Dr. Nasiri Kashani from Leprosy Center, Dr. Ehsani and Dr. Balighi from Razi Hospital, Dr. Zarrinpour from Baqiyatallah Hospital, and 228 participants.

At first, Dr. Robati reported a number of patients with psoriasis with Covid-19 and exacerbation of the disease behind the ears due to repeated use of the mask. Dr. Balighi discussed the lack of difference between hospitalization risk and prognosis of patients with anti-TNF and normal individuals in Covid-19. Dr. Mansouri explained about psoriasis in women and said that this disease is more common in them due to hormones and stress and it intensifies during pregnancy and recurrs after childbirth. Dr. Asilian spoke about nail psoriasis and that there are various treatments such as steroids, methotrexate and anti-TNF depending on the affected organ. Dr. Handjani explained about systemic steroids in the treatment of psoriasis and that new studies show that previous beliefs that corticosteroids are terrible are wrong. Dr. Nasiri Kashani explained about traditional medicine such as: herbs, supplements, etc. In the case of refractory psoriasis patients, Dr. Zargari suggested solutions for increasing the dose or decreasing the interval if the antibody was negative and changing the drug if the antibody was positive. Dr. Firooz talked about disease comorbidities and psoriasis, such as diabetes, digestive problems, dyslipidemia, ischemic heart problems, and kidney problems. About doing cosmetic surgery and psoriasis, Dr. Ehsani advised that if psoriasis is in the controlled and silent stage, injecting filler (hyaluronic filler) and hair transplantation will not cause any problem and Botox is not prohibited. Dr. Zarrinpour talked about HS disease and how to treat it, topical antibiotics, systemic antibiotics, steroids, biology and postoperative surgery. During the program, an advertising teaser of REMICADE was broadcast, and in addition to offer it in various fields of psoriasis, the professors thanked Behestan Darou Company for conducting this webinar.

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