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New Fertility and Infertility Symposium


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New Fertility and Infertility Symposium by the specialized team of Ibn Sina Infertility Center in collaboration with Abbott Company

The program was held in cooperation with Abbott Company and Ibn Sina Infertility Center on July 16 from 5 to 7 pm with the presence of 140 participants. The scientific secretary of this webinar was Dr. Sahial Ansaripour, a member of the faculty of Ibn Sina Research Institute and the Infertility Fellowship. Among the topics discussed in this program, the following can be mentioned: - The legal aspects of medical errors by Dr. Mohammad Kazemian, a forensic specialist. - Maintaining fertility in cancer patients by Dr. Legend of Notice, Infertility Fellowship. The role of sperm DNA (DFI) failure in infertility and recurrent miscarriage by Dr. Kaveh Soltanzadeh, urologist. The role of dydrogesterone in ART and recurrent miscarriage by Dr. Nasrin, the honesty of Abbott Medical Company. It should be noted that the topic of medical errors and fertility conservation in cancer patients was very important and popular.

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