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Scientific Meeting of ATGAM

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By ادمین بهستان 3 Oct/ 0 Comment/ 313 Hits/

Scientific meeting (Advisory Board) of Pfizer Company, on the position of ATGAM drug in the treatment of aplastic anemia was held on Thursday, May 27th with the presence of distinguished professors, Dr. Assadollah Mousavi, Dr. Abbas Haji Fath Ali, Dr. Sirus Gharib, Dr. Valiullah Mehrzad, Dr. Abolghasem Al-Hayari, Dr. Alireza Rezvani, Dr. Ehsan Zaboli, Dr. Ahmad Ahmadzadeh Deilami, Dr. Babak Nejati and in the management of Dr. Mousavi.

First, the prevalence of aplastic anemia in Iran, the use of ATGAM drug, common treatments for aplastic anemia and treatment protocols used in Iran, and the main position and preference of ATGAM treatment were investigated. The professors presented the problems of using ATGAM during the Covid-19 period and their treatment solutions. Finally, in order to have a complete database of patients with aplastic anemia, the Patient Registry scheme was proposed, which was welcomed by the professors. In order to carry out this plan, Pfizer Company was responsible for introducing a comprehensive platform to be available to all centers throughout the country after approval by the professors present at this meeting.

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