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4th Iranian Ophthalmology Spring Conference

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By ادمین بهستان 3 Oct/ 0 Comment/ 316 Hits/

Attendance of Pfizer and MSD companies in the 4th Iranian Ophthalmology Spring Conference

The 4th Ophthalmology Spring Conference, entitled Advances and Challenges in Ophthalmology, was held by the Iranian Ophthalmological Association on Thursday and Friday, June 17th and 18th, with the active participation of Pfizer and MSD.

Dr. Amirhossein Abazari Kia, Medical Representative of Pfizer Company, on June 17th, before the beginning of the glaucoma topic, Dr. Navid Nilforoshan and Dr. Arezoo Miraftabi, professors of glaucoma, introduced the drug Xalatan and the place of the use of this drug in patients suffering from glaucoma.

The scientific program of MSD company was also presented on June 18th with the review of new topics and updates about the drug Cosopt entitled "Dorzolamide/Timolol Fixed Combination: Learning from the Past and Looking Toward the Future".

One of the goals of participating in this program is introduction, availability, and the expression of the right place of using the two drugs Xalatan and Cosopt in patients with glaucoma. At the end of the speech, the audience's questions were answered.

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