Health is our business

3 Oct

Webinar "Metastatic colorectal cancer"

Webinar "Metastatic colorectal cancer" in collaboration with the oncology team of Amgen Company and the Iranian Clinical Oncology Association

22 Sep

Webinar on New Therapies for Osteoporosis, Amgen Company

The program was held on June 19th with the retraining score and the focus of the professors of Mashhad University and the lecture of rheumatologists, such as Dr. Nobakht, Dr. Nohesara, and Dr. Sabbaqan, Spine Surgery Fellowship.

22 Sep

ITP disease management webinar with the oncology team of Amgen

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, the ITP National Disease Management Webinar was held in cooperation with the Pediatric Blood and Cancer Association at Behestan Daru Company and the target group of physicians specializing in hematology and oncology.

22 Sep

Scientific webinar of Iran Orthopedic Association: Amgen Company

In line with Behestan Darou's support of scientific programs, Amgen Company sponsored the Orthopedic Association Program on May 27th.